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About Portfolio

Millwood Community Association invites Millwood Businesses and Organizations to participate in this portfolio directory.

Businesses and organizations that are not inside the city’s boundaries yet have a strong connection with the city of Millwood are also welcome to participate.

Participation includes a portfolio work in this directory with links to your existing web presence.  The Partners for Pets portfolio work is an example of what your portfolio work could be.

Participates are also invited to post their events on the Millwood Now Events Calendar.

How to get started!

Get Information together.  See the list to the right.

Email ( it to us, or email us and let us know to come and pick it up.

Review a draft, make edits, and then approve the final version.

Send donation to Millwood Community Association.

Send us event information to add to the calendar as you have events.

Send us information for MillwoodDaze if you decide to doing anything special for the day.

Read the Fine Print.

Portfolio Image

Your branding imagine in a high resolution JPG, PNG or GIF format.  If you do not have a digital file, then you or we can take a digital picture of something that you do have.     Or you can pick a font type and we can put your business name in an image using that font.

Portfolio Header Text

Your portfolio work will have a line of text that can be your business name or promotion / tag line.

Sales / Promotional Text

Create a promotion of about 50 words to place in the portfolio.  It may be in one location or broken up into two locations within the work. 


One or Two promotion images may be included included in the work.  We will size them 400px by  600px or 500px by 500px.  We can help you with this if you are not familiar with website images.

Google Map

If you want a google map, then we will include a small one.

Link Button to your Existing Web Presence.

A Button that says, “Link to (your name)”  Clicking on this button will open a new tab with the website or Facebook page you have provided us with.  There will also be a disclaimer under the button stating that “Click the Button will leave”

Details & Info

This section will include your address, phone, email and hours.

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