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Fine Print

Millwood Community Association is a Washington Non-Profit Corporation for the purpose of promoting Millwood, WA. and its sub-domains are registered to Millwood Community Association.

Millwood Community Association maintains all editorial rights to the information posted on this site and will pre-approve all content before it becomes public.  The submitting business or organization will approve the final edits of their submission before it is published to the public.

Millwood Community Associates is requesting an annual donation of $10.00 for a business or organization to participate in this site.

We are looking forward to this site being a positive contribution to the Millwood Community and will help contributors create a vibrant presence on this site.

Enhancing the appearance of the site will be a standard and on going process.  Right now in the beginning we are trying to get the key content published and will work on the appearance in parallel.  Having this content published helps to inspire the creative thoughts of making it look better and better.


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