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We are beginning with the 6 Categories shown below.

In time we will evaluate these to see if more or less would be best.

Choose the category that seems to be the best fit for your type of Business or Organization.

It is possible that you may really fit in two categories.  Provide us your first choice and if you believe a second choice would also be right.


The Portfolio will open with All & the 6 categories presented at the top of the page. 

All Portfolio Images will also be display.  Clicking on one of the six categories will display only the images for the selected category.

Community Assest

Included here will be ventures that add “community value” to Millwood.

Places like the Library, Fire Department, City Hall, Parks,  Schools, Library and non-profits.


Included here will be ventures that deal with financial matters.  And include Banks, Investments, Insurance, and …

Food and Entertainment

This group will include all ventures that involve food and social activities.

It may begin with the grocery stores, the coffee shops, sit in and take out food establishments, bars and taverns, and

Health and Wellness

This group includes all places that make us better.

Includes spas and salons, hair care, fitness, sport, medical, dental, mental care and ….

Professional / Service

This category crosses over into many of the others as well.

Perhaps it begins with the legal and technical professions, and carries into the plumbing, electrical and other trades,  and …..


Another category that shares features of the others.  Yet in these cases most business is done by customers coming into an establishment and purchasing a tangible item.

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