About Dr. Mark

About the Practice

  • Interior of dental practice room with chair, lamp, display and stomatological tools

  • Close-up portrait of a beautiful caucasian woman with a flawless smile holding a toothpick with dental floss on a white background.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste on blurred background

  • The dentist is writing a summary report in his lab.

  • Close-up dental x-ray shot of teeth in the hands of dentist doctor at clinic

  • Dentist with an assistant in protective gloves are examining her teeth with a help of a dental bur with a mirror and an air polisher. Caries healing. Examination of the dentist.

What is this and how does it help

This is Dental Floss

and it cleans between teeth and under gum line

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context can be text or image

When my dad taught me mechanical design he said, “never stare at a blank page, draw a line so you have something to erase”.  I’ve carried this with me to web design, so here are some first lines just to show some of the possibilities of types of content.  So when you have an idea for content, we will try it and if you like it we will keep it.  what you do not like we will change to your next idea